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    115 N. Bridge St., Victoria, TX 77901

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    Patriot Park Memorial

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    State Seal within Courthouse

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    County Veterans Memorial

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    Victoria Educational Gardens

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    Victoria Educational Gardens

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    1892 Courtroom

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    Public Health Department

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The Victoria County website provides local and state government news and other up-to-date information. We are dedicated in creating transparency through our web based public information access to better serve our community, visitors, and partners.


Employee Benefits/Enrollment Portal

Public Notices:

PUBLIC NOTICE - Public Hearing Regarding Intention of Victoria County to Consider Adoption of Proposed Regulation of Subdivisions - Including Manufactured Home Rental Communities

Takings Impact Assessment

Victoria County 2019 Adopted Budget

Victoria County 2019 Proposed Budget

Victoria County Development Standards

Public Information [Open Records] Requests

Request for access to or copies of county government public records should be made in writing directly to the department that has custody of the records. In county government, each elected official is the public information administrator of his department. No department has control, possession or authority over the records of any other department. A request made to the wrong department can cause unnecessary delay. The department that received a request for records in another department has no duty to forward the request to the correct department.

For additional information concerning Public Information Act requests go to the Attorney General's website at http://www.oag.state.tx.us

Some records may be excluded from disclosure by law. In some instances cost for copying or retrieving records may be charged. Judicial records are not subject to the Public Information Act. Some judicial records may be available under Rule 12 of the Texas Judicial Administrative Rules. Some may be open to the public and to copying under the Texas Constitution or the common law of Texas. Some may not be open to the public. Request for judicial records should be made to the clerk of the court or to the judge depending on the type of record being sought.

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