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  • An action brought to enforce, redress, or protect a private or civil right; a non-criminal litigation.

  • In Small Claims Court, (Justice of the Peace) forms are supplied and you can represent yourself. In County and District Courts, you can file a civil suit without an attorney as long as you can properly represent yourself in court in front of the judge and are aware of the proper paperwork to be filed in the case.

  • Justice of the Peace Court (Small Claims) Up to $10,000

    County Court $500 to $200,000

    District Court $50,000 and above...

  • A person who brings an action; the party who complains or sues in a civil action.

  • The person defending or denying; the party against whom relief or recovery is sought in an action or suit.

  • You need to file with the Justice of the Peace Court. There are four Victoria Justice of the Peace Courts in Victoria County. You will need to determine the Justice of the Peace County by the address of the rent property. If a party is not happy with the judgement rendered in the Justice of the Peace Court, then it may be appealed to the County Court at Law.

  • Divorces are heard by the District Courts and are filed with the District Clerk.

  • Name change application is filed with the District Clerk, and is heard by the District Court.

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