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  • Requirements for a "Formal Marriage License";

    • Both parties must appear before the county clerk;
    • Submit proof of identity and age;
    • Provide information applicable to each person for which space is provided;
    • Mark the appropriate boxes provided in the application and;
    • Take the oath printed on the application and sign before the county clerk.
  • You may use any of the following as proof of identity;

    • Driver's License or Identification Card issued by the State of Texas or another state;
    • United States Passport
    • A Current Passport Issued by a Foreign Country;
    • Original or Certified Copy of Birth Certificate issued by Bureau of Vital Statistic for a state or a foreign government. Must present a valid form of government issued ID; or
    • Military ID
    • MUTILATED FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION  WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (Ex. torn, taped together, or laminated).
  • For Certified Copies of a marriage license you may request them in person, by phone or submit a written request by mail.

    Certified Copies are $7.00 each. Certified Copies cannot be faxed.

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