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On April 20, after a one and a half day trial, a jury of Victoria citizens found Steven Battles Guilty of Burglary of a Habitation with the commission of Injury to the Elderly, and Injury to an Elderly Person. The Burglary was a first degree felony and Injury to an Elderly Person, a third degree felony. Both of these convictions had enhanced punishment ranges due to Battles' prior convictions. The Burglary count had a range of punishment from 15 years to 99 years or life and the Injury to an Elderly Person had a range from 2 years to 20 years.


Steven Battles is a career criminal with six prior felony convictions. On May 11, 2010, at about 11:45 a.m. he forced his way through the front door of a 72 year-old Betty Williams living on Callis Street. Once inside, Battles placed the victim Ms. Betty into a headlock attempting to control her. Ms Betty was able to twist and wiggle away from Battles then escape out the front door. Hearing her screams, two of Ms. Betty's neighbors came to her aid: Robert Bland, who hobbled over with a broken foot, and Robert Rangel. Battles' only explanation was that he needed to use the telephone and was attempting to hide from people wanting to hurt him. Responding officers noted that Battles looked intoxicated or high; witnesses described him as acting erratically.


The Court heard the punishment cases immediately after the jury verdict and sentenced Steven Battle to 40 years on the burglary and 15 years on the Injury. While testifying during the punishment phase of trial, Battles never accepted responsibility for this or any other crimes but blamed his disadvantaged upbringing and society. Ms. Betty noted in her victim impact statement that though her children had some disadvantages, they and her grandchildren are all productive citizens of Victoria. “This case confirms that homeowners across our community have property rights that local law enforcement and our criminal justice system will enforce. Further, Victoria juries will not tolerate the man-handling of mothers and grandmothers”.

Steven Battles Jail Photo
Steven Battles Jail Photo